• Connor


    The youngest of the group, but with the haziest memories of the real world.
  • Frederick Cavendish Ponsonby

    Frederick Cavendish Ponsonby

    A British aristocrat living in Canada.
  • Mabel


    Native American pharmacist turned into majordomo of the Keeper.
  • Martin Schröder

    Martin Schröder

    A former occult wares smuggler of Eastern European origin.
  • Niamh


    Your typical Irish goth girl.
  • "Clyde"


    Nickname for Connor's fetch.
  • Al-Muhar


    The efreet bus driver who the party met while investigating Matthew Thompson.
  • Areth


    The half-dragon son of Bahamut and a Kraldurian.
  • Barbara


    The old lady who Niamh stays with during her introduction.
  • Benjamin Thomson

    Benjamin Thomson

    Matthew's uncle. A confidant of Lady Blackbird.
  • Billy Birch

    Billy Birch

    A sentient tree that is good at hiding himself in the Hedge with possible knowledge of Connor.
  • Burr


    A thorny beggar in Brickabrack who Connor took brief pity on.
  • C Sharp

    C Sharp

    A mercury blob that acts as a merchant in the Goblin Market.
  • Caitlyn Richardson

    Caitlyn Richardson

    A Changeling cop who wishes to avenge officer Charles Wellington, who Connor murdered.
  • Carlos Santos

    Carlos Santos

    The gun peddling jock husband of the Summer Queen.
  • Charles Wellington

    Charles Wellington

    A cop who stopped Connor the day he was kidnapped by Martin's fetch. Connor murdered him.
  • Cyborg Dick Cheney

    Cyborg Dick Cheney

    The overlord of Blackwater Security in Vancouver.
  • David Buchmann

    David Buchmann

    Martin's old film reviewer friend.
  • DJ Ötztal

    DJ Ötztal

    DJ of pirate fairy radio.
  • Elizabeth Devras

    Elizabeth Devras

  • Fei Li

    Fei Li

    Murderous girl of legend.
  • Fenghuang


    A fiery bird that shows up when 12 year old kids get kidnapped.
  • Fu-ts'ang-Lung


    King of the Autumn Court of Vancouver.
  • Henry


    A hobo who Mabel spoke to about her true life story and about Henry's, to get Glamour.
  • Janice


    Connor's girlfriend from back in his old life. Ended up dating his fetch.
  • Jared


    A lost and confused escaped slave in the Goblin Market who Connor found.
  • Jeremiah


    A ghoul who needs his fix. Cast a spell on Connor to get him to spill all his secrets.
  • Jonathan Michaels

    Jonathan Michaels

    A Changeling cop who wishes to avenge officer Charles Wellington, who Connor murdered.
  • June


    Antique shop receptionist; a lady made of glass.
  • Karilyn Santos

    Karilyn Santos

    Queen of the Vancouver Summer Court.
  • Kei-yin Dahn

    Kei-yin Dahn

    A Changeling cop who wishes to avenge officer Charles Wellington, who Connor murdered.
  • Kyle


    Codename for Fei Li's majordomo.
  • Lady Blackbird

    Lady Blackbird

    A young Changeling in charge of the Stanley Park Hollow.
  • Madeline


    A brick-handed superior of Niamh in the Winter Court.
  • Matthew Thomson

    Matthew Thomson

    A 12 year old boy kidnapped from the Burnaby Class Middle School gym bathroom.
  • Melanie Elvirez

    Melanie Elvirez

    The Solstice Queen.
  • Metal Michael

    Metal Michael

    A little automaton that was traded to C Sharp in the Goblin Market to complete her Pledge.
  • Mister Pinch

    Mister Pinch

    The skeletal security chief of the Goblin Market.
  • Noble Scientist

    Noble Scientist

    A mysterious being who kidnapped several people and then suddenly disappeared.
  • Palmers


    Detective Palmers was the highly professional cop investigating the shooting at Martin's house.
  • Pooch


    Mechanical dog brought from Arcadia to Vancouver
  • Ricks


    A little clockwork soldier created by Mabel in anticipation of escaping her Keeper.
  • Stan Lee

    Stan Lee

    A wooden Changeling that does maintenance for Lady Blackbird's Hollow.
  • Suzaro


    An enigmatic figure who Connor's fetch hangs out with.
  • The Vizier

    The Vizier

    A mysterious guy who looks like an elf who works for the courts and has been there for a long, long time without aging.
  • Twitter


    One of the Keeper's mechanical birds. Kidnapped and rewired by Mabel.
  • Tyson Walker

    Tyson Walker

    The coyote esque Spring King.
  • Valorey Mathers

    Valorey Mathers

    An old woman who looks like Hillary Clinton at a changeling night club.