Martin Schröder

A former occult wares smuggler of Eastern European origin.


Other known aliases: Dietrich Groß (current assumed name in Changeling community), Johannes Ulrich, Grigory Rasputin. Birth name unknown.

A criminal from somewhere beyond the Iron Curtain, who migrated to Canada in the early 90s to facilitate the underground sales of Eastern European cultural relics, rare books and other artefacts to western collectors. He got taken in -94 alongside his customer Frederick Posonby, briefly after receiving a delivery from Slovakia from an associate named Jared.

His fetch has retained his life and career, except for getting married, based on all available intel, and knows it is a fetch.

Martin likes metal music and smoking, but hates dogs.

Backstory snippets in suggested reading order:

January 1st 1994
January 8th 1994
December 21st 1986
November 10th, 1989


Martin Schröder

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